Refrigeration - A better controller

 This will PROBABLY be the last post on refrigeration. At least I hope so. The system is running perfectly. Here is what’s new: First some back-story.   While we have been very happy with the refrigeration set up on BlueJ for the last seven years, there’s one aspect of performance that has always been less than I would want. And that’s the controller. Speaking of back-story, if you want to read about BlueJ refrigeration from the beginning, start HERE . The Isotherm ICEC controller that came with our system is marketed as an energy saver. It also slow-starts the compressor, and is reported to have a way to bank cold in the fridge when there is excess DC power available. Sadly with the exception of the slow-start, I’m not sure any of those claims are true, and it has difficulty maintaining correct temperature when the ambient air is very warm. So not perfectly happy. Most of this fault comes in the design. It is essentially an analog device trying to do the job of a digital controlle

2023 Season Re-cap

Team BlueJ doubled down on the great results of 2022 and ratcheted it up even higher for ANOTHER ‘best year’, taking 6 first-place trophies in PHRF 1 series or cups, including winning the most prestigious series at WYC, the Thursday evening ‘Summer Series’, which is the combined T and G series. The Results: 1st G Series 2nd T Series 1st Sunset Series 1st M Series 1st Woman’s Bay Series 1st Burton Cup 1st MS Cup Fun details: We OWNED Thursday nights, and were one place away from running a perfect 4-win sweep of the Thursday Series. Also very proud of Jodi winning the Woman’s Bay Series. Normally our ace main trimmer, she is also a solid driver. And while she has only entered 3 Woman’s events over the years, she has won all three!  Also we changed bowman in the middle of the season, kind of like swapping the transmission of a race car in the middle of the race! But our new guy Ethan is a rock star, and fits the program perfectly. SO happy he is onboard for next year. Jean our pit person